Meet gener8tor’s 2018 Startup Accelerator Cohort In Minneapolis


gener8tor, the Wisconsin-based startup accelerator that expanded into the Twin Cities in 2016, has commenced their second class in Minneapolis this summer.

The following five tech firms have received $20k in seed capital for 6% equity with a $70k uncapped convertible note option. They are heads down right now building in every sense with an eye on demo day at The Depot on September 6th:

Company: Cellular EMT
Origination: Detroit, Michigan
Year: 2017
Founder(s): Dwain Watkins, CEO; Melanie Watkins, CXO
Premise: CellularEMT started as a brick and mortar phone repair store four years ago that evolved online to connect certified technicians who provide a variety of on-demand services (e.g., cell phone repair, technical support) to consumers. By tapping into the gig economy, CellularEMT offers a lower cost, higher quality service than traditional tech support (i.e., Geek Squad), while providing entrepreneurial contractors higher earning potential than traditional employment.

Partners/customers: Quicken & Lyft
Full time employees: four
Fundraised: Bootstrapped
Traction: calendar year to date gross revenue generation is $180,000 from January to June 2018 & projected $500k by end of year (tracking 20% growth month over month).

B2B/B2C: Both

Category: Fintech

What can the Minnesota tech community do to help you right now?

If any business are interested in hosting us for a tech day promotion we can come setup a table and do discounted phone repair for all employees on site. Email:

Company: Faithbox
Origination: Omaha, NE
Year: 2015
Founder(s): Jeff Smith CEO & Andy Wollen, COO

Premise: Faithbox provides monthly subscription boxes to the Christian market with proprietary devotionals, books, and products that benefit charitable projects (e.g. fund a school for disabled children in Kenya and health insurance for their mothers). Faithbox also partners with Christian musicians, authors and organizations to offer custom co-branded subscription boxes to their audiences. Smith and Wollen purchased the company from prior owners one year ago.

Partners/customers: doubled in the last six month; undisclosed number of subscribers.

Full time employees: 5 FT

B2B/B2c: B2C

Category: Ecommerce

Fundraised: Yes.
Traction: Faithbox generates $180,000 MRR top line and is growing at 10%+ per month.

What can the Minnesota tech community do to help you right now?

We would love to know about “do good” or social entrepreneurs with products that could fit in well with our Faithbox – not need be religiously affiliated, but more so based on reinvestment or the triple bottom line. Email:

Company: SpeechMED
Origination: Miami, FL
Year: 2016
Founder(s): Susan Perry, CEO

Premise: SpeechMED’s smart device application speaks medical information to patients in the language they understand. SpeechMED’s application removes obstacles to clear communication regardless of language preference, age, vision and literacy level by playing the information out loud in the patient’s native language and simplifying medical jargon into simple instructions. SpeechMED empowers patients and their caregivers to understand vital medical information resulting in improved health literacy, higher rates of medication adherence, reduced chance of medical mishap, and the resulting costs to Payers
Partners/customers: Paid pilot with Baptist Hospital

B2B/B2C: B2B

Category: Healthtech
Full time employees: 7 FT
Fundraised: unk
Traction: paid pilot is converting into customer acquisition

What can the Minnesota tech community do to help you right now?

For healthcare providers (chief nursing officers, assisted living/senior care coordinators) share some time to talk strategy:


Company: OnePanel
Origination: San Francisco, CA
Year: 2017
Founder(s): Donald Scott, COO: ; Rush Tehrani, CEO

Premise:  Outsourced artificial intelligence infrastructure as a service. Onepanel allows companies, researchers and students access to the same world class machine learning and artificial intelligence tools that are used by Google and Facebook. Onepanel takes months and hundreds of thousands of dollars of investment in infrastructure and provides the same toolset as a platform, available at a click of a button. Onepanel’s suite of tools make machine learning available for highly technical researchers and non-technical analysts alike, allowing them to collaborate and build on each other’s work.

B2B/B2C: B2B

Category: Enterprise software

Partners/customers: n/a
Full time employees: 4
Fundraised: Bootstrapped
Traction: in closed beta, about to launch hackathon with MinneAnalytics as a next step

What can the Minnesota tech community do to help you right now?

We are interested inviting those interested in trying the platform to reach out:


Company: Virtue Analytics dba MANBOAT
Origination: Woodbury, Minnesota
Year: 2018
Founder(s): Vikas Mehrotra, Founder & CEO, Hadrian D’Souza COO
Premise: Virtue Analytics Enrollment Management platform, MANBOAT (Merit and Need Based Optimization and Allocation Tool), allows educational institutions to leverage the power of machine learning and predictive modeling to make better decisions across the admissions process. Customized to the institution’s environment, MANBOAT provides student-specific recommendations, related to admissions, financial aid & retention, enabling better outcomes for the student and delivering increased revenue to the institution. 

B2B/B2C: B2B
Category: Edutech
Partners/customers:  not disclosed.

Full time employees:  6
Fundraised: bootstrapped
Traction: Since going live in January 2018, Virtue Analytics has secured contracts totaling $76K ARR with expectations to reach $240K ARR by Dec. 2018.

What can the Minnesota tech community do to help you right now?

We would like to request help from the community in obtaining educational partners to beta test our product; Email: