Bright Health Expands Across Ten Markets, Tripling Footprint



Via News Release

“MINNEAPOLIS, July 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Bright Health announced today it intends to offer its Care Partner Health Plans in nine new markets across four states in 2019 as well as a product market expansion in Phoenix,

AZ. Spanning both Individual & Family (IFP) and Medicare Advantage (MA) plans, consumers in Arizona (Phoenix, Tucson), Ohio (Cincinnati, Springfield, Youngstown, Toledo), Tennessee (Knoxville, Nashville, Memphis) and New York City will now have access to Bright Health’s unique model of integrated and affordable care.”

“At Bright Health, we are working with the country’s leading health systems to build an exclusive Care Partner Health Plan model that is highly cost-efficient and scalable, allowing for rapid market expansion,” said Chief Executive Officer Bob Sheehy. “The model is built upon a closely aligned healthcare provider and insurer partnership that is critical to delivering greater efficiency, transparency and accessibility. This expansion triples our footprint in 2019 and that means bringing quality, affordable healthcare to more hardworking American families.”

Bright Health’s innovative Care Partner Health Model works exclusively with one health system per market to offer superior, integrated care “under one roof”. This relationship allows for coordination of services and administration to optimize consumer and patient experience. Offering both IFP and MA plans, Bright Health can support consumers from childhood through retirement, allowing them to build lifelong relationships with their providers who in turn are invested in their long-term health outcomes.

“Consumers are tired of the status quo in healthcare where they find themselves in a fractured relationship, stuck in the middle of insurers and providers who are often at odds,” said Sheehy. “Bright Health’s high re-enrollment rate shows that consumers are ready for a better healthcare experience – one that removes the friction between their insurance company and healthcare providers so that they can focus on what’s important—their health.”

This market expansion, which brings Bright Health’s reach to a total of 12 markets in 6 states, builds on the company’s previous 2018 growth which saw the addition of Medicare Advantage and Supplemental coverage products, a move into two new markets and a doubling of enrollment in key market Colorado. In 2019, Bright Health will enroll thousands of new members in both new and existing markets. These members will see predictable costs, reliable service and a streamlined experience taking the headache out of healthcare. This includes more accurate predictions for out of pocket spending, faster claims processing, insurers and providers working together from complete health information rather than codes and specialist visits without a referral.

“Over the past decade, we have been witnessing an evolving healthcare delivery landscape, marked by consolidation of small, independent providers into large, comprehensive health systems,” said Sheehy. “At Bright Health we’ve seized on this opportunity by disrupting the old healthcare model that places insurers at odds with providers and instead are working directly with them to offer completely integrated care from start to finish. Our Care Partner Health Plans are the next generation of healthcare – putting consumers first and removing much of the frustration we’ve all experienced with healthcare.”

About Bright Health
Bright Health provides affordable health insurance for everyday individuals. Through its exclusive Care Partner Health Plans in local communities, Bright Health is reshaping how people and providers achieve better health together by making healthcare simpler, more affordable and personal. Bright Health currently offers a range of individual, family and Medicare Advantage plans in Arizona, Colorado and Alabama via its website, call center, broker partners and through government websites as well as public health insurance exchanges. Bright Health co-founders include Bob Sheehy, former CEO of UnitedHealthcare; Kyle Rolfing, co-founder and former CEO of Definity Health and RedBrick Health; and Tom Valdivia, MD, MS, former chief health consumer officer of Definity Health. Learn more at