Duluth IoT Startup Control Bright Hits The Revenue Milestone


Duluth IoT startup ControlBright has crossed the valley of death and reached revenue this month in the form of paying customer number one.

As previously profiled, ControlBright’s niche is found in lighting with a cloud-controlled platform that extends remote capabilities to a vast array of lighting installations which can be managed via dashboard.

ControlBright’s platform consists of hardware in the form of a network-enabled DMX controller (Light Engine) that is compatible with any DMX-enabled light fixture. Parameters such as brightness, hues, colors, scenes, and scheduling is accomplished through their cloud-based saas interface.

“By combining an RGBW fixture with one of our Light Engines, a retail store with any number of locations can now control one, some, or all of their lighting instantly through our portal. They can schedule colors or scenes to coincide with new promotions, highlight fixtures based on a holiday or event, and most importantly, maintain brand consistency across their locations.”

This July, Australian lighting manufacturer AMBI-FX went live with ControlBright’s paid product in an outdoor public forum focused on the lighting of trees throughout a park.

Founder and CEO Chad Behling has been baking the company for over a year now and sees a bright future for applications specifically in the hospitality and retail sectors.

“We’re still finding opportunities that I didn’t know existed,” Behling says. “I can’t really put a financial figure on the financial opportunity at this time,” he admits.  “One large multi-location restaurant could light us up overnight.”

Behling is an experienced entrepreneur, having founded a telecom startup called RockBochs 2005 which sold to Canadian firm Sangoma in 2015.   He says this initial customer win enables the bootstrapped company to hire its first technical employee outside himself, who is starting this week.