St. Paul Startup Recovree Is Raising $500k

St. Paul headquartered Recovree seeks to raise $500k in equity financing with $325k secured according to this public document.

Formed in 2017 by Melissa Kjolsing and Lucas Kjolsing, Recovree’s healthtech software is focused on helping people recover from substance use disorder:

“We have two products, a client-facing app and a peer specialist portal. Clients use the app to complete daily reflections and log experiences to identify challenges and showcase progress. Peer specialists can view each client reflection through their individual portal. These insights are used to identify specific needs, resources, and even potential intervention opportunities.,” explains Recovree’s Linkedin profile — which also reflects two employees.

CEO Melissa Kjolsing says that the products are slated to be launched next month and anticipates going live with users via the Minnesota Recovery Connection.

Recovree is a contender in the impact division of this years Minnesota Cup competition and maintains its office  inside the Osborn 370.