[REPEAT] Mitch Coopet & Brian Bispala [2]

REPEAT is a special interview series underwritten by CliftonLarsonAllen where we take a deep dive inside the minds of Minnesota’s rare repeat technology entrepreneurs.  Repeat means to start a tech company, exit said company, and return start another one.

Mitch Coopet and Brian Bispala (together with Matthew Dornquast) co-founded Code42 in 2001 after they had met two years prior through industry. Code42 has grown up to hundreds of employees and $135M+ in VC funding, though all three of the company’s original founders have since departed.

Coopet and Bispala have teamed up again on Rambl, enture backed startup focused on AI enhanced sales calls with their product Rambl. Part one can be read here.

What did you start collaborating on when you met back in 1999?

Bispala: We were making money together with a team by providing consulting services for the first few years while we experimented with a variety of products on the side. Eventually, we began working on Crashplan, Code42’s flagship backup product, back in 2005/2006 with a group of about 10 people including Matthew Dornquast who would become CEO.