Little Acorn Shave Co Is Raising $250k

Female-Focused startup Little Acorn Shave Co is raising $250k with $200k closed on, per SEC disclosure.

The pre-revenue venture was formed in 2017 by Tracy David and Allen Bonk to re-imagine the shaving experience for women using an ecommerce subscription model:

We’re disrupting the shave industry with our innovative, patent-pending razor made BY women FOR women based on what they have actually asked for! Along with our in-shower shave station we’ve created a superior shave experience in a club just FOR women. Brutal Fact: 86% of women don’t embrace their bodies or love themselves. Using the power of affirmations and body positive messaging, we’re inspiring women to accept they are ENOUGH & OWN their True Beauty. When women are connected to the truth of their value, just like Little Acorns, they have the potential to become Mighty Oaks.

David, above, pitched at Piranha Pool earlier this year and Little Acorn is also a semifinalist in the 2018 Minnesota Cup competition. She says they are prepping for a crowdfunding campaign coming launching fall which makes sense given the consumer nature of this product category.


  • Daren Cotter

    I’ve seen Tracy pitch Little Acorn Shave Co a couple of times and she’s awesome. Congrats to Tracy & Team — I’m rooting for you!

    • Tracy David

      Thanks Darren. Your support and encouragement is much appreciated!