Doug Berg’s New Startup ZapInfo Raises $1.25m


Doug Berg‘s new tech startup called ZapInfo (formerly WebClipDrop) has raised $1.25m merely a month after he sold his previous venture MyAlerts to Think3.

A paywalled report in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business journal says that the company is two years in the making and includes the former Docalytics (sold to Contently in 2016) co-founders Evan Carothers and Ryan Morlok on the executive team as VP of product development and CTO, respectively.

“ZapInfo makes an extension for the Chrome web browser that lets people copy information from websites and input it into software applications. For instance, a recruiter could clip details from a prospective job candidate’s LinkedIn profile and drop that information into an online form or application. Users can also “zap” data into excel files or text messages. ZapInfo is mostly targeting recruiters and salespeople with its software, which the company sells for about $40 a month.”

Investors include: Rally Ventures, Oregon-based Seven Peaks Ventures, and St. Cloud’s Great North Labs.