VC-Backed ilos Videos Changes Name To VidGrid



Via News Release

“ST PAUL, MN (August 14, 2018) — ilos Videos announced today the launch of video’s most interactive platform. Going beyond recording, editing, hosting, and sharing; the new platform transforms video into a two-way conversation by empowering anyone to capture knowledge, converse with the audience, and control the flow of information.

This coincides with a name change to VidGrid. The new name was inspired by the way that VidGrid harnesses the power of video to turn any organization, into a video organization.”

“Imagine a phone conversation where the other person is always on mute. That’s how video was before. A question might be asked over video, but you couldn’t answer. And because you couldn’t interact with the video maker, teacher, or teammate, it meant you couldn’t fully engage,” explains VidGrid CEO, Nick Stokman. “We are transforming video from a one-way broadcast into a two-way conversation.”

Where VidGrid has been ramping up:

Video is gaining traction as an effective way to communicate information. Where text or screenshots were once enough, innovative organizations such as Fox News, Informatica, Mortensen, G2 Crowd, Paylocity, Tyler Tech, Duke University, and the University of Nebraska are turning to VidGrid to send and receive information across various aspects of the organization. For example:

  • Sales teams cut through the noise with personalized video snippets in their outreach to increase replies and conversions.
  • Trainers and educators engage learners with in-video quizzes, comments, and video assignments.
  • Customer support teams close tickets faster with screen and voice recordings attached to support tickets.
    Marketers scale customer acquisition with lead capture questions in promotional videos.

“VidGrid is the most innovative platform I’ve ever seen for making engaging videos.” Says James Logan, Learning and Development Partner at Apple. “It transforms passive viewing into active participation.”

How VidGrid empowers organizations to leverage interactive video:

To be truly interactive, a video platform needs three key parts that must work seamlessly together AND be simple for anyone to use. These are called the 3 C’s of interactive Video: 1. Capture, 2. Converse, and 3. Control.

Capture: This is where video is made, not just by the leader, but the learners, customers, or employees themselves. They do it and embrace it because VidGrid has made it as ridiculously simple for anyone to capture their voice, their screen, or their webcam, and turn it into a video. For the first time, everyone can create and collect both sides of the video conversation.

Converse: This is where video is engaged. Now, viewers are able to add real-time comments, interactions, recommendations, and ultimately have a conversation inside the video itself through interactive quizzing, surveys, open-ended questions, and calls-to-action. Converse not only allows the video maker to leverage the entire knowledge base, personality, and insight of the audience, it drives a whole new level of engagement.

Control: This is where video is managed. VidGrid keeps your team’s videos up-to-date and in sync in two ways. First, videos recorded by users are automatically organized in a central location, no matter which device they were recorded on or who captured them. Second, when you update a video, it will automatically update anywhere it’s been shared or embedded.

You can signup for a free trial or request a live demo from the new VidGrid website:

About VidGrid:

VidGrid is Video’s Most Interactive Platform™. Going beyond recording, hosting, and sharing; Vidgrid transforms video into a two-way conversation by empowering anyone to capture knowledge, converse with the audience, and control the flow of information. Worldwide leaders such as Fox, Mortensen, G2 Crowd, Paylocity, Duke University, and the University of Nebraska leverage VidGrid to communicate and collaborate across sales, customer success, training and education.

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