10 Inconspicuous Minnesota Tech Companies Busy Making Millions


You won’t see them on the demo stage, read all about their latest venture capital round, or hear them grandstanding all over social media. Instead, these ten modest Minnesota tech companies are focused on the one thing that matters most in business: serving customers and generating revenue.


Coherent Solutions offers software product development, testing and maintenance.  2017 Revenue: $37m

Apex Revenue Technologies Offers account statement design, e-statement and e-payment tools to healthcare and financial companies. 2017 Revenue: $110.6m

High Availability Offers the specialized technical integration of data center products and services. 2017 Revenue: $82.3m

Firefly Computers is dedicated to bringing you the very best in cost effective computing. 2017 Revenue: $56.2m

SeQuel Response Works on performance-driven operations to help their clients increase sales and profitability. 2017 Revenue: $31.8m

Merchology Offers personalized branded apparel and gifts online. 2017 Revenue: $23.4m

Summit Information Resources Sells IT network and hardware equipment to businesses of all sizes. 2017 Revenue: $22.6m

Proozy Sells golf clubs, bags, golf apparel and shoes below market price online. 2017 Revenue: $20m

Davenport Group Helps mid-sized companies with their IT needs pertaining to storage management, data recovery and emergency responses. 2017 Revenue: $34.4m

Lifesprk Provides technology-enabled short-term and long-term post-acute and senior home care services. 2017 Revenue: $21.5m

*All data sourced from the 2018 Inc. 500/5000; “making millions” assumes a 10% profit margin on gross revenues


  • Grady

    This is a great article and a snapshot into the MN culture of bootstrapping and building large businesses without huge accompanying raises.