Two Techstars Farm To Fork Startups Plan To “Stick Around” The Twin Cities Following Demo Day


If you missed last nights Techstars Farm to Fork demo day, you were not alone. Hosted in St. Paul simultaneously as the Minnesota Cup finals, it was impossible to be in both places at once.

Unfortunately for all the entrepreneurs involved in their respective showcase, this meant that many in the community had a tough decision on where to be and what to watch.  In the end, Minnesota Cup’s hoorah nearly drowned out the usual Techstars demos promotion on Twitter.

Yet it turns out that the St. Paul Pioneer Press is still publishing and a reporter there covered the demos last night which is great for those entrepreneurs; kudos to PiPress for recognizing it.

While the article itself may be hard to follow, the author does say in the second to last paragraph that two of the ten companies from the inaugural class “plan to stick around the Twin Cities”: Traive and Dishq.

“….Traive, a farm lending company that was started in Brazil, plans to stick around the Twin Cities. So does Bangalore, India-based Spoonshot, formerly known as Dishq, which uses artificial intelligence and food science to predict consumer food trends….”

There is no word yet on what “stick around” entails, what side of the river they will fall on, or if the City of St. Paul is paying them too — but should they establish a long term presence anywhere in Minnesota then all the better.

An earlier exploration considered the implications of such accelerators longer term tangible impact on the tech industry here, noting that 21 out of state companies flocked to Minnesota’s accelerators this summer.

If in fact these two do stay, that would be three (counting gener8tor’s alumni CellularEMT) companies now going into Thursday’s Techstars + Target Retail Accelerator.