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Via DevOps Minneapolis Meetup onPractical Security:

Strange and undecipherable terminologies, apparently arbitrary checklists of requirements, annoying habits of showing up at the worst time to take down a production server, black hoodies, and dark senses of humor that would depress a recovering sysadmin. Welcome to Security! Commonly misunderstood, the world of a Security practitioner is far less like Defense Against the Dark Arts and much more like that of a janitor at your local high school. They are far less likely to do battle with a troll or dementor than they are to wonder who stuffed up the toilets with newspaper. For the third time this week. Paul Dokas is a Security Engineer with over thirty years of experience in the fields of security, software development, and operations in environments from startups to Fortune 5 companies to public universities. Recorded at SPS Commerce September 18, 2018.