After Selling Drip To Leadpages & Relocating To Minnesota, Rob Walling Launches TinySeed


Author, podcaster, developer, entrepreneur, investor – Rob Walling can pull off a lot of hats.

After years of starting stuff, he up and moved the family of four from California to Minnesota when his marketing software company Drip was purchased by Leadpages in 2016.

When Walling left LeadPages/Drip after two years of service, he decided to stay in Minnesota – they even bought a house here – but it wasn’t clear what’s next?

With time and consideration, Walling answered that question late last week when he announced TinySeed – a seed stage fund for “people who haven’t raised money yet, and don’t wish to ever raise venture capital (i.e. institutional money).”

It’s targeting a class of companies and entrepreneurs who self-fund their pursuits, sometimes known as “bootstrapping.”

Walling has partnered with Einar Vollset, a YC-alum, former Cornell CS Professor, and the founder of Discretion Capital, a tech-focused M&A investment bank. Vollset is also technologist and entrepreneur by trade, with multiple exits like Walling.

Positioned as “the next generation startup accelerator,” TinySeed offers founders with financial, social, and peer-driven capital.

“No more nights and weekends. No more trying to navigate the startup landscape alone. No relocation required,” the site says.

TinySeed is still early and many of the specifics around TinySeed are not yet clear, though there’s always an opportunity on both sides of the tech table for more seed-stage captital. Hacker News has a good thread going on where both Walling and Vollset are engaging deeper.

Drip’s other cofounder Derrick Reimer also came to Minnesota with the Leadpages/Drip and since left to focus on a new venture that’s now headquartered here called Level Technologies.