[FIELD NOTES] DevOps Minneapolis | Open Source Contribution



Filmed October 16 at SPS Commerce via DevOps Minneapolis:

You keep hearing about Open Source and its impact on your career. What you don’t hear is how to get involved beyond “learning to code.” Matt Broberg walks through practical advice that’s sometimes tough to find when you see terminology like pull requests for the first time. And we’ll review Open Source from both sides of the equation: how you can prepare yourself to participate in projects and what maintainers are looking for in your contribution. Matt loves working with technology communities to develop products and content that invite delightful engagement. He’s a serial podcaster, best known for the Geek Whisperers podcast, is on the board of the Influence Marketing Council, co-maintains the DevRel Collective, and often shares his thoughts on Twitter and GitHub @mbbroberg. He’s also a fan of tattoos and cats, though remains unsure of Schrödinger’s.