AI Startup Cohereum raises $2m


Tech entrepreneur Björn Stansvik has raised $2m for his next startup Cohereum.

Loosely described as “effortless custom neural network solutions,” Cohereum was started by Stansvik and a seventeen year old technical cofounder earlier this year to combine object detection and analysis with natural language processing and generative modeling.

We started out of with an idea to distribute AI more widely, then morphed into the Cohereum platform as a solution shaped by the twin problems of (i) the “big” solutions’ inability to “stoop down” to solving a particular business’ challenge or use case, and (ii) the inability of the specific tools to stay up to date on the rapidly evolving science necessary to deliver value.

Cohereum will be co-located between California, Minnesota, and Stansvik’s native country of Sweden. He was the founder of MentorMate in 2001 which was purchased by Taylor Corporation in 2014 for an undisclosed sum.

He remains CEO with MentorMate under Taylor Corp. and while the entities are different, they share in some synergistic opportunities:

“My drive as MentorMate CEO is to equip the company with ever increasing capabilities and differentiation.”

He added that the company already has customers and this $2m first round was oversubscribed in 6 days including investors from Hong Kong, London, Sweden and Minnesota.

Current job openings for Cohereum’s Minnesota office include: Operations Leader, Marketing Leader, Senior Full Stack Python & JavaScript Developer.