After Latest Funding Round, Zipnosis Downsizes


Virtual care provider Zipnosis is notably shrinking headcount right now according to multiple sources.

Just this summer, the company racked-up another $3m of investment capital, only since to reduce their number of total employees by 20%, which represents about 10 people at the one time ~45 person software firm.  Among those let go include a number of so-called hard to hire technically talented people, including lead CTO Scott Brown, who was profiled last month.

The company provides a white-label/B2B software for virtual healthcare and offers custom technical services — a model which appears to be evolving per CEO Jon Pearce who offered this statement in response:

“As a VC-backed company with a recent series B round, we remain steadfast in our focus to be an innovator, delivering a comprehensive, robust virtual care platform. To best position Zipnosis to achieve our operating and financial goals and to continue to serve as a true partner to our customers, we reorganized the company to focus on more profitable areas of the business. We are confident this restructure better aligns our company, our people and our technology for the long term in a cost-effective and efficient manner.”

Zipnosis turned ten this year, formed in 2008 by Pearce, and has raised approximately 23 million dollars to date making the company one of Minnesota Tech’s most funded right now.