Minnesota Ecommerce Captains: Jeremy Segal, Proozy



Thanks you Irish Titan for underwriting our Minnesota Ecommerce Captains series focused on local leadership in the ecommerce industry.

Minnesota tech entrepreneur Jeremy Segal started Lyons Trading Company in 2006 to sell golf and active lifestyle products wholesale. Years later, in 2014/15 he launched Proozy.com to bring the commerce experience direct to consumer.

Since then, the venture has ranked on Inc. 5,000 for the last two years running (#1746, #3255) with $20m of revenue in ’17 — a number that is only going up.

He’s speaking about it all next Wednesday at the Twin Cities Ecommerce meetup hosted by Apruve.

What do you sell online?

Lyons Trading Co. DBA Proozy.com sells products for the active lifestyle – golf, yoga, fitness, outdoors, camping, hiking, etc.

When, why and how did you get started?

I started in 2001 on ebay selling golf products so I can continue using the best equipment on the market for the cheapest price. It has evolved many times. We are forecasting 2019 to be over 85% directly on our website.

Is the customer primarily B2C, B2B, or both?

It is primarily B2C

How many unique products/SKUs do you sell?

We sell over 20k unique sku’s and tend to focus on 15-20 large promotions at a time

What do you attribute success so far to?

Learning quickly that in order to scale and grow you truly need to surround yourself with a great team, experts, and get out of their way.

How many people are on the team? How do you manage and motivate them as the company grows?

North of 100 people by holidays. Our team does this by holding the team’s (staff / processes) KPI’s accountable and rewarding heavily both economically and non-tangibly

What is the biggest business risk you’ve taken?

Trusting the wrong people / make sure things get in writing

What is the best and hardest part about being in ecommerce today?

Best: Amazing opportunity to sell goods and gain / grow an audience

Worst: Highly visible – (with social media, brands, etc)

Where do you see your business one year from now?

The business will be banging down the $100M sales Goal with a team north of 200 people.

What do you plan to speak about at the Ecommerce Meetup?

  • Culture: Core values
  • Capital: Both human capital (people) and financial capital (money)
  • Leadership: (As a CEO), business owner, and investor
  • Focus: Mission critical
  • Growth: Customer base / customer profile and Customer Experience