Which Minnesota Tech Groups Are Growing – January 2019 Research

Minnesota is home to approximately 160 active special interest technology groups of people who convene publicly on a semi-regular basis to talk tech in one form or fashion.

This high level number seems to fluctuate +/- 10% throughout the course of a year, but consistently ranges between 150-175 year to year as a community stat TECHdotMN has been tracking for some time now.

Of the 160 identified as currently active, most of them are organized via Meetup.com, which tells us the total number of members within each specific group and allows for the tracking of changes – which we did looking back ~6 months here. So which ones are measurably growing?

Disclaimers: About 25 meetups were started within the past 6 months and therefore no trailing data, but tracking has started.  About 35 groups are not run on Meetup and do not report public stats – no tracking yet. Overall, net is about 100 groups considered here that are (a) 6+ months old, (b) still active, and (c) organized on Meetup:

The top 10 largest Minnesota tech groups overall as of January 2019:

The Top 10 ranked by total number of new members in past 6 months:

The Top 10 ranked as a growth percentage in past 6 months:

**To discuss or explore the complete data set leave a comment or email info@tech.mn**