Beyond The Data Accelerates B2B ‘Big Data’ Training In 2019


Beyond The Data (BTD) is scaling out their Data Literacy Accelerator program this year as the gap between humans and their machine get bigger.

BTD began experimenting with ‘big data’ education initiatives a year ago this month, but it wasn’t until the fall that they would launch their first virtual accelerator just for ‘big data’ enterprise applications.

15 students participated in that inaugural class with enough feedback and demand to quickly triple it with space for 40-50 now in this first quarter.

“Companies are investing a lot into data technologies,” cofounder Dave Mathias explains, “But the human side of business isn’t keeping up with the potential of those capabilities.  All industries are literally transforming, but how are we keeping up?”

The answer to that question will very much influence which companies will be thriving over the next era of the great data race we’re all in whether we want to be or not.  But this ‘accelerator’ won’t be going into the weeds on any specific technologies, Mathias maintains.

“How to use this or that technology is not what’s missing out there at all. Really, it’s how we can think about data in the first place…concepts, context, design, framing, and ethics are the soft skills needed to most effectively apply the tools we’ve been given.”

BTD’s next three cohorts are coming up in January, February and March; for $2k tuition, individuals receive six weeks of coordinated learning between 1:1 sessions and small peer group. Homework is part of the deal and they estimate a minimum commitment of ~10 hours/week for those serious enough to commit.

It’s explicitly targeted towards those on the team who are not technologists nor data scientists by trade. Think product managers, hiring managers, marketers, etc.  “Anyone who wants to level-up their data game in 2019,” is invited.

“We expect students to come with their actual situational needs as they have them right now,” he says. “Fully prepared to immerse themselves from start to finish.”

“We know it’s an intense experience, but wherever they are on their data journey we will meet and guide them.”