The Way of the Cockroach: How InboxDollars Scaled A Hobby Into A Business


Via Twin Cities Business

“The only business concepts that get funded by venture capital are those capable of reaching the top of their food chain. They are the lions, the alpha predators. Very few business concepts fit that profile. If you are not one of them, don’t despair. There is another radically different path to success—the way of the cockroach.

…In second grade, Daren Cotter bought 10-pound bags of Jolly Ranchers and sold them one by one for a tidy profit. He was hooked. Later he bought a computer with savings from a job at a golf course. After teaching himself computer programming, he created and sold a shareware program, Absolute Best Unit Converter (ABUC). Checks started flowing from around the world at $5 per download.”

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