St. Paul Startup Abilitech Raises $800k For Wearable Robotic Arms


St. Paul healthtech startup Abilitech Medical has raised fresh capital to the tune of $812k of $6.5m target per SEC filing.

The venture was formed by CEO Angie Zavoral Conley in 2016 on a mission to restore independence for individuals suffering from neuromuscular conditions such as Muscular Dystrophy, Multiples Sclerosis, ALS and Cerebral Palsy:

Their first product “AbiliTech Assist” is a wearable robotic assisted device that augments arm movements for people to perform functional tasks in different chairs, seated at a table, or in bed. The ultimate goal is to improve their quality of life by empowering people to do more on their own using Abilitech’s products.

Abilitech Assist is FDA Class 1, and the venture has raised an estimated $10 million dollars to date including this latest capitalization with seven employees according to Linkedin. The future roadmap calls for new applications of technology for spinal cord injuries, which would push Abilitech further into multi-billion dollar markets.