State Pays Wisconsin Tech Co. Alula In HQ Relocation To St. Paul



Via News Release

“MINNEAPOLIS – Alula, the leader in smart security systems for dealers, has leased 68,000 square-feet at CSM Corporation’s Midway Innovation Center I in St. Paul. Alula will move from their current headquarters and production center in Hudson, WI to St. Paul*.”

Midway Innovation Center is located at the intersection of Highway 280 and Energy Park Drive. The previous tenant was McAfee who vacated the building in May 2018.

“The Midway Innovation Center in St. Paul will allow Alula to expand operations by providing us an excellent business environment and access to a talented and skilled workforce,” explained Brian McLaughlin, CEO of Alula. “The Twin Cities market has proven to be a dynamic place to scale a tech company. We look forward to growing here.”

“Midway Innovation Center’s modern design and location makes it an optimal corporate headquarters,” says Bruce Carland, Director – Commercial Leasing at CSM. “We are excited to welcome Alula to the Twin Cities.”

 *Via DEED Job Creation Fund: Alula, St. Paul, $175,000 Alula is a home automation and security technology company that offers hardware and software for professional security alarm dealers. Alula will be moving to Midway area of St. Paul and renovate an existing facility. The total project cost is $1,795,788. The company expects to create 135 jobs within the next three years with an average wage of $33.82 per hour.



  • Grady

    This is a great win for the midway corridor and for the city of Saint Paul. That area on 280 and University is still in transition and getting another quality employer in the area will pay dividends for decades to come. GREAT JOB MN!

    • Jeff Pesek

      HI Grady, is it really a win when the company has to be paid by the public to do it? Maybe it is. But it certainly isn’t a naturally occurring win in that case. Can you spot the difference?

  • Jeff Pesek

    “There are approximately 120 employees moving to the new STP headquarters”