[UPDATED] Google Seeks Tax & Bonding Breaks For Becker Data Center



Updated 2/25/19 9:30am CST:  Google wants Sherburne County and the city of Becker to waive 20 years’ worth of future taxes, a $15m tax abatement, and a $20m state bond.

Originally posted via Star Tribune on 1/10/2019 titled: “Google Is Looking At Becker, Minn. For A $600m+ Wind-Powered Data Center “

“Google is looking at Becker to build a giant data center that would cost at least $600 million and be powered by two dedicated wind farms.

The data center, essentially a big building full of servers, was disclosed Thursday in a regulatory filing by Minneapolis-based Xcel Energy, which is playing a big role in the project. The Google server farm would create about 50 full-time tech jobs and around 2,000 construction jobs over 18 to 24 months.”

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