St. Paul Healthtech Startup Nested Knowledge Opens Seed Round

St. Paul healthtech startup Nested Knowledge is raising a SAFE round of indefinite duration with $50k secured, per SEC filing.

The nascent venture was incorporated last year by brothers Keith Kallmes & Kevin Kallmes year “To transform the way clinicians review research from a static text-based model to a dynamic and interactive visual landscape.”

Site says that clinicians typically access 6,000-30,000 words literature reviews and meta-analyses in PDF format, which presents limitations due to the static nature of the data:

“We are designing an interface that allows you to examine the data from a comprehensive literature review on research questions of interest. The interactive, nested features facilitate therapeutic comparisons, assist with research organization, and allow physicians to compare nuances across patient characteristics and outcomes. Ultimately, we hope to transform the way clinical data are presented to you from static, non-updatable, capriciously researched documents to an interactive visual landscape.”