Minneapolis Musician, Developer Debuts AI Stomp Box On Kickstarter


A Minneapolis musician and software developer is bringing technology to the traditional stomp box percussion instrument.

Eugene Kurdzesau is locally known for his technical role with adtech startup Vugo and now the inventor of Stompai – a new music tech product that combines mobile, ai, and hardware to assist with rhythmic beats.

“The day after Minnesota MusicTech 2018, I woke up with the idea that turned me into a crazy professor. I went to work on it for three days straight and now we have a team of 8 people developing a product that musicians all over the world could enjoy using.”

Recently launched on Kickstarter, Stompai is seeking to crowdfund at least $30k by May 1st to achieve the goal of bringing Stompai to market;  the mobile app + hardware mounting combo start at $15 during the promo period.