TECHdotMN Has Been Acquired by SureSwift Capital

by The TECHdotMN Team


Via News Release

“In Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota on 4/26/2019 – Technology holding company SureSwift Capital Inc. has acquired 100% of TECHdotMN, LLC in an all cash transaction effective today.

Since launching four years ago, SureSwift Capital has already acquired 32 different technology businesses with the intent to operate them into the foreseeable future. The purchase of TECHdotMN represents the first Minnesota-based technology business in the SureSwift Capital portfolio. “

“Though we are a ‘remote first’ company, Minnesota is my home, and I am a huge supporter and evangelist for the technology and startup community here. In TECHdotMN, we see a great opportunity to operate a successful business and to have a platform to pour more support into this amazing community,” said Kevin McArdle, Cofounder and CEO of SureSwift Capital.

TECHdotMN is Minnesota’s tech news creator and curator with an emphasis on the startup culture. Formed in 2009, launched in 2010 by Jeff Pesek and Mike Bollinger, the company has grown to become the longest running and farthest reaching publisher of local industry stories, data, events, and jobs.

Cofounder Mike Bollinger left TECHdotMN last year though forever remains credited with his contributions to the company and community during his lengthy tenure.

Cofounder Jeff Pesek will remain engaged with TECHdotMN on an ad hoc basis at the discretion of SureSwift Capital who is assuming full editorial leadership.

“Much could be said, and maybe someday it will be said.  I appreciate the opportunity to be of service in Minnesota’s technology community over the past decade. Meeting, interacting, and learning from so many incredible people has been a pleasure.  TECHdotMN is a very rewarding chapter of my life and I am grateful for that; thank you all so much for being a part of it,” said Jeff Pesek, Cofounder, of TECHdotMN.


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