TinySeed Pulls ~$3.3m and ~900 Apps For Entrepreneur-Led Accelerator Based Out Of Mpls.


Not all accelerators are created equal and founders looking for the best experience will find it in those which are entrepreneurial by nature.

Take TinySeed for example, a new early-stage venture fund unveiled last fall by local tech entrepreneur Rob Walling.

After years of starting stuff, Walling moved here with a family of four from California after his marketing software company Drip was purchased by Leadpages in 2016.  Following his earn-out period, Walling teamed with Einar Vollset to debut TinySeed, an accelerator program designed for bootstrappers; from an interview last fall:

“Positioned as “the next generation startup accelerator,” TinySeed will provide founders with financial, social, and peer-driven capital under a cohort model.  Designed for “people who haven’t raised money yet, and don’t wish to ever raise venture capital (i.e. institutional money),” it’s targeting a class of companies and entrepreneurs who self-fund their pursuits, sometimes known as “bootstrapping.”

More recently, the SEC published a filing indicating that TinySeed ended up raising $3.7m for their first fund, which gives them considerable dry powder in the seed stage realm of things.  Walling said that during the ~6 week application window (Jan-Feb), they received about 900 applications from all over the world and are now making offers to and signing docs with their first class.