[UPDATED] NightWare Is Raising $2 Million For Digital Therapy


Update 5/22/19: NightWare gets a boost from the FDA.

Original 5/3/19: Minneapolis-based digital therapy startup Nightware is raising $2m-$2.7m with $305k closed per SEC disclosure.

“NightWare is an application on an Apple Watch that helps people suffering from traumatic nightmares to get a more restful night’s sleep. It is a wearable technology that learns your sleep patterns and customizes a treatment for each individual, interrupting nightmares so you can get an uninterrupted night’s sleep.”


NightWare was originally invented by Tyler Skluzacek in 2015 (MyBivy) as a response to his own family’s first hand experience with PTSD and related nightmares . In 2017, Grady Hannah stepped in as the CEO to lead the company – which now counts seven people including Mike Nathan, the founder of Livio Health Group, who is on the board of directors.

“People with nightmare disorder are five times more likely to develop suicidal behavior,” Hannah says. “The effect we can have on that is profound.”

NightWare previously raised $250k + received a ‘Support our Troops’ related grant to their work with veterans and PTSD.  The packaged product (app, watch, and phone) is FDA regulated under class II and is in the pre-submission phase, currently pursuing clearance ‘De Novo’ as a medical device (software as a medical device).