[UPDATED] Flywheel Raises $8.4m For Collaborative Computational Science SaaS

Update 6/6/2019: Added another $2.5m per SEC filing = $8.4m total

Updated 4/1/2018: Finalized at $6m.

Updated 2/12/2018 9:00am CST – “$5m closed & oversubscribed” per Olson +  additional Google Cloud Healthcare API disclosure.

Original 12/10/18: Flywheel is seeking to close a $5m series A equity investment with $4.5m already captured, according to company leaders Jim Olson and Travis Richardson.

As an Invenshure portfolio company, Flywheel provides a collaborative data management and analysis platform built specifically for scientists and the researcher’s workflow.

We connected with the duo to learn more about their inflection point: