ZapInfo Raises $1.75M Series Seed 2 Funding



Via News Release

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., August 26, 2019 — ZapInfo, the information automation and productivity platform used by over 8,500 registered users, today announced details of its Seed Series 2 funding.

New investor Randstad Innovation Fund and existing investors Rally Ventures, Seven Peaks Ventures and Great North Labs all participated in the financing event, which will help fuel the multiple integrations and partnerships that ZapInfo has recently formed with major platforms such as IBM, SAP, Jibe, Phenom People, Gr8People, Jobvite and several other platforms that resell and bundle ZapInfo with their solutions. This funding makes the total venture capital raised by ZapInfo over $3 million dollars to date.

ZapInfo grew by over 400% in the last 12 months since multi-startup entrepreneur Doug Berg took over as full time CEO of the business in August 2018. ZapInfo is being rapidly adopted by thousands of companies that use it to automate every step of the recruiting and sales process. By using the in-browser technology to make extracting, enriching and exchanging data across sites, Zapinfo is 2-click easy while cutting the recruiting process by 50 percent or more.

The award-winning recruiting solution has also developed consent management solutions that help employers and marketers collect contact and profile data from search engines, social networks, and job boards. Fully compliant with GDPR regulations and the growing data privacy guidelines as they become more prevalent in Canada and the United States, Zapinfo gives employers a solution that gains contact consent prior to saving personal data within their hiring applications.

Joining the ZapInfo board will be Ilonka Jankovich, with Randstad Innovation Fund, who said, “ZapInfo is innovating in very exciting areas of the recruiting industry helping to dramatically increase productivity and connect the talent ecosystem with their platform using compliant methods which all employers will require to compete for talent in the future.”

The ZapInfo platform helps to automate all of the information transactions that happen between the talent platforms (ATS, CRM, recruitment marketing, etc.) and the sourcing sites (job boards, social networks, search engines.)

Zapinfo addresses the gap in which recruiters lose 50 percent or more of their time doing manual and time consuming work to search, extract, enrich, evaluate, and exchange data.ZapInfo’s intelligent recruiting automation helps companies instantly “Zap” any job and create searches in nearly any search engine, social network and job board to find matching talent. As a result, recruiting in new channels is possible, such as on Facebook, Github, Twitter, Google, and other sites in which recruiters are very interested.

ZapInfo not only helps find matching talent. Recruiters can “Zap” the contacts and profiles that enrich the candidate data to find direct contact information (email addresses and phone numbers) as well as full social profile information. Then, they can trigger automated personalized messaging and outreach to matching contacts with just a few clicks, saving hours of time daily. Once this information is gathered, ZapInfo can export the information to any of over 100 recruiting platforms with which it has built API and BPI integrations, removing nearly all of the friction in the recruiting process.

ZapInfo has been adopted by recruiting and sales teams who can use the tool to instantly become 2x more productive and to help recruiting teams to become dramatically more productive, and to help track recruiting activity and results. Major clients include Best Buy, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Ascension Health, Merck, Comcast, TeraData, and many others.

Gerry Crispin, principal and co-founder of CareerXroads, commented, “ZapInfo is helping bring automation to the disconnected aspects of the highly fragmented recruiting industry helping to remove friction between the platforms, job boards, search engines and social networks which don’t talk well with each other.”


  • Nick Corcodilos

    “platforms, job boards, search engines and social networks which don’t talk well with each other.” ???

    Why don’t we start with employers talking with job candidates? My readers tell me all the HR tech is wasting their time — they’re fed up, especially with goofy requests to “talk to the robot.” HR has strayed so far from its mission that boards of directors might as well eliminate HR altogether and just stick an Internet cable into their arms.