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Local E-Sports Meetup Hosts All-star Panel

MN E-Sports Meetup ArtworkE-sports is not a “just sit around and watch players on TV” kind of scene. Unlike traditional sports fans, those interested in e-sports are typically also players of their favorite games. That’s not to say that there aren’t plenty of times when enthusiasts will sit and watch other players on a Twitch livestream, getting overly excited about how differently they would have done that move, or thwarted that attack.  Between sponsorship deals and marketing revenue, some of the more well-known e-champs get paid just as much as their professional physical-sport counterparts.

Our local Minnesota E-Sports Meetup has almost 500 members, and interest in their chosen field is growing every day. According to a 2018 study by the Electronic Entertainment and Design Research, nearly 70% of all Americans play some type of video game. That trend holds true in Minnesota. As Erik Alexander, founder of Era Sports told us, “…eSports is being formed at the cross section of passion, innovation, and business. With viewership surpassing 200 million for some championships, more and more gamers are trying to make a career in competitive gaming competitions.”

This week, organizers will be hosting a panel discussion on innovative companies and trends in the local e-sports startup scene, and the panel is comprised of a number of experts. The panel will kickoff Thursday, October 10th at 4:30pm at The Commons in Hopkins, and more information can be found on the event’s registration site.

The Minnesota E-Sports Meetup is sponsored by Tech.MN.

Valerie Lockhart
Valerie is proud to spend her time immersed in the Minnesota tech scene, whether she’s writing articles for, designing websites, or coordinating events for the Minnesota Women in Technology meetup group.