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BETA Startup Showcase: ZenLord Pro

BETA Startup: ZenLord Pro LogoThe TECHdotMN team would like to introduce you to each of the startups featured in the upcoming BETA showcase. Over the next couple of weeks, we will highlight each company, so you can get a better idea of the talent, hardwork, and dedication held within each of these startups.

The final company in our BETA Startup Showcase series is: ZenLord Pro

ZenLord Pro is a territory based rental management software that provides all the tools a landlord needs to run their rental business in one platform, from marketing vacant units, delegation of showings to local agents, collecting rent, and providing local vendors to schedule maintenance tasks.

Tell us the story of how and why you started your company.
Between our co-founders, we’ve owned and managed thousands of units since 2009. Over the years we’ve tried numerous rental management softwares and never found anything we loved. What was missing was a software that had everything in one spot; not just the slick features, but also a local network of tradesmen, bankers, lawyers, leasing agents, etc. A system that could allow a landlord to login and have access to anything and everything they need to manage their property. And so we came together and built it. With ZenLord Pro, landlords have a solution to find new tenants, screen applicants, collect rent, track expenses, and find any local service that they’ll need, all in one spot. It’s One Login, One Solution.

What’s your most recent success or milestone hit?
Our most recent milestone was launching our MVP August 1st of 2019 and already having 110 rental units on ZenLord Pro.

Where do you see your startup in 1 year?
In one year our goal is to have 1,000-1,500 units and over 100 vendors across Minnesota using ZenLord Pro, setting us up to expand regionally.

For more information, please visit: ZenLord Pro

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Valerie Lockhart
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