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Arlan Hamilton

The Tech.MN Podcast: Love, Luck, and a Whole Lot of Fight With Bri McCullough

9 | Love, Luck, and a whole lot of Fight With Bri McCullough

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The Tech.MN Podcast Team with Guest, Bri McCullough

On Episode 9 Kevin McArdle, owner of SureSwift Capital and Jac Stark, community manager of Tech.MN welcome Brianna McCullough, founder of BriLimitless and Network Systems Engineer at Target, on The Tech.MN Podcast to talk about how following her heart led her to Minnesota and the things that kept her here.

Bri walks us through getting a computer science degree and then teaching herself how to code. We dive into Bri’s journey into becoming a speaker and an advocate for technology and diversity and inclusion (D&I). We get real about how the Minnesota ecosystem is doing and what we can do better. Bri shares the story of brilimitless and living a fearless and transparent life.

We chat about the upcoming event for Graveti, a community focused on building businesses, creating wealth and developing the Tech ecosystem for people of color in the Twin Cities, of which Bri is the events and programs director. The Graveti summit will take place on Saturday, November 2nd. Check it out here!

Hype Time
Every episode we ask our guest to name drop someone doing cool things in the tech community. Bri gives a shout out to Sam Ndely, consultant at MEDA and Co-founder at Graveti. She also shouts out Yolanda Smith (Lead at Target and speaker) and Steve Buchanan (Microsoft MVP).

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BriLimitless – Bri’s personal website and blog
Arlan Hamilton – We gush over Arlan and chat about her appearance at last year’s Graveti Summit
Graveti Summit – Happening in Minneapolis on November 2nd, Get your tickets now!
Techquity – Bri Shouts out Techquity – a profession platform for African Americans in technology

Jac Stark
Jac is a self-proclaimed MN tech and startup hype girl and has a knack for curating Twin Cities outings.