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2019 Graveti Summit Recap

Graveti - ImageLast weekend, Graveti hosted their second annual summit, celebrating black and latinx entrepreneurs and their startups. The event was held at Target Plaza Commons in downtown Minneapolis.

According to Graveti Founder, Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez, this year’s summit was well-attended and yet still had an “intimate” vibe going for it. Their plans for next year include more speakers and if all goes right, even more attendees.

One of the major highlights of the day for Rodriguez was Founder and CEO of Oleb Media, Belo Cipriani, who gave a great presentation on accessibility, and the importance of considering it for every project, right from day one.

This year’s summit was sponsored by Target, Greater MSP, Foundry, Forge North, and Make It. MSP.

For more information, keep an eye on the Graveti monthly meetings, and you can check out a quick highlight video of the event here:

Valerie Lockhart
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