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Zota App Makes Good Photography Accessible

These days, most people have a super nice HD camera right in their pocket. What this doesn’t mean is that those same people are actually good photographers. For those of us who may need a little assistance in the composition and framing of our shots, a new app coming to market called Zota, “…allows you to fake having a good eye for photography.”

Zota Real Estate Photography

Designed to assist with capturing great real estate photography in particular, Zota features something called FusionTech™, which was created by JFuerst Photography. This technology creates beautiful bracketed photos, optimized for highlighting real estate. The Zota app, which is slated to release in early 2020, uses machine learning and augmented reality to assist the user in framing their shots, getting good vertical alignment and ensuring level shooting, and makes sure they’re taking the photo at the right height to make the room look as visually appealing as possible.

Johnny and Joanna Fuerst have spent the last six years building up an army of talented, trained real estate photographers, and are now ready to unleash their robot assistants into the market. Fuerst has a local team of about 20 people in Minneapolis, and recently expanded into the Sante Fe, New Mexico market as well. His goal is to be able to continue to scale up quickly with a team of cross-trained, well taken care of photographers, while also making good photography more accessible. The question everyone seems to ask him is, “Why would you create this app? Aren’t you afraid you’re putting yourself out of business?” Fuerst told me recently, “No, we’re simply addressing accessibility. Markets are moving the way of do-it-yourself, and we want to see how this app will impact things.”

While Zota does make good photography super accessible, not everyone wants to DIY their photos. Through the app you will still also be able to book out professional photographers, schedule drone photography service and 3D asset capture, as well as a host of other services they have in the works for future release. Fuerst runs his business as service-focused first, and prides his team on providing exceptional turn around time. He sees huge potential in making things accessible for short-term landlords, Airbnb owners, and small businesses that need to get really good photos of their products.

Beta testing of Zota will begin early next year, and those who are interested in learning more about it can sign-up for updates at

Valerie Lockhart
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