Making your trips to the grocery store as efficient as possible is more important than ever, and a local business is doing its part to help. Basketful, a tech firm that creates add-cart solutions for brands and businesses, has announced the release of the “Basketful Mobile Grocery List.”

“Our mission is to simplify grocery shopping” Eugene Burd, Basketful CEO, said in a release. “And allowing consumers to save time and money while making the experience as easy as possible.”

The consumer-facing app allows users to create shopping lists sourced from the inventory of local stores. From there, a user can be either quickly check off the items while shopping or move them to a virtual cart for online orders. The app is connected with more than 50 U.S. retailers and allows several lists to be created, saved, and shared at once.

“Grocery shopping is a routine, yet cumbersome activity” Jim Lesch, Basketful COO, said in the release. “And we believe providing shoppers with more convenience and personalization can dramatically simplify the experience.”

According to Basketful, 66% of consumers still use paper or whiteboards to manage grocery lists. While we don’t think that stat seems particularly shocking (writing something on paper, ugh, can you imagine), the big advantage here seems to be the access to store inventory and pricing. What are you going to buy with all the money you save on great grocery deals? We have a few ideas.

“Basketful Mobile Grocery List” is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.