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BetterYou Releases Gen Z Data, Millenial Makes it About Himself

I was born in 1987, which puts me smack dab in the middle of the oft-maligned generation known as… gulp… millennials. There are many, many clichés I could list here that I, a millennial, may or may not embody, but this isn’t all about me (as much as it pains me to say it as a, you know, millennial). St. Paul startup BetterYou released some interesting statistics on how our stay-at-home life is affecting another generation — Gen Z.

The digital coach and mindfulness tool released a trio of figures that illustrate just how much the Gen Z workforce is being impacted by the shift to a quarantine lifestyle. I, a millennial, feel particularly qualified to speak for my entire generation (you could say I feel entitled to it). So, let’s take a look at BetterYou’s report on Gen Z and compare them to how I, a millennial (and all millennials, really), have been similarly (or not-so-similarly) affected.

Physical Activity

What BetterYou says about Gen Z:

What I, a millennial, says:

I, a millennial, enjoy walking and running. I, a millennial, really do. But when walks and runs are your only methods of spending time outdoors, you realize something — there are only so many places you can walk and/or run. An “exciting” walk for me these days is strolling around my block clockwise instead of counterclockwise.


So, have my steps decreased by 51%? I, a millennial, have gone on more morning constitutionals in the last month than my entire life. If anything, my steps have increase significantly. But it’s not like I’ve gotten recognized for it. What’s the point if I’m not getting praised?

Mobile Social Time

What BetterYou says about Gen Z:

What I, a millennial, says:

Before COVID-19 forced us all inside, I, a millennial, only fired up FaceTime a few times a year to chat with my nephews. It was great, mostly because the older nephew likes seeing me play guitar. He says he’s better than me, but my mom has always said that I, a millennial, am the best player in the world, so he’s clearly delusional.

Now? I, a millennial, have spent more time on FaceTime and Zoom than I, a millennial, thought I, a millennial,  ever would. I, a millennial, kind of hate it, but it does provide valuable social interaction and, more importantly, validation of my extremely important problems that would otherwise go tragically unknown to those around me.


Time Spent on TikTok

What BetterYou says about Gen Z:

What I, a millennial, says:

I, a millennial, have never used TikTok in my life and am honestly confused (and maybe a little frightened) by the app. I did, however, watch a TikTok compilation video on YouTube so my time spent watching TikTok compilation videos on YouTube has gone up about 1,000%.

Ok, I, a millennial,  decided that I, a millennial, couldn’t let Gen Z be hipper than me. Here is my first — and quite possibly final — TikTok. Watch the fear and confusion of an aging millennial explode onto the screen.

@alexskjong ♬ Blood Eagle – Periphery

In conclusion, BetterYou has provided some interesting stats on the habits of Gen Z-ers in the COVID-19 era. Also, I used an “old person” filter while making that TikTok and could barely notice any changes from my non-filtered self. If you need me, I’ll be processing that for the rest of the day.

Images courtesy of BetterYou.

Alex Skjong
Alex oversees the content produced for BETA, Twin Cities Startup Week, and When he’s not writing or editing, there’s a good chance he’s enjoying a refreshing brew and explaining the merits of heavy metal (of which there are many).