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New Bind President Aims to Scale Company Into Multiple Markets

Jodi Hubler

Jodi Hubler is no stranger to the health insurance industry. For more than 13 years, Hubler served as CEO of Lemhi Ventures, the health care services venture capital firm that incubated Bind. Hubler has served on the Board of Directors of Bind since 2016. Now, she is taking on the role of president with a vision to lead her team to a whole new level.

“In 2015, we realized that the market was ripe for a disruption in health plans,” Hubler said.

Hubler and her team felt that people deserved a better experience with their health insurance. Currently serving self-insured employers such as Best Buy and Medtronic and powered by UnitedHealthcare’s networks, her vision for Bind is to scale into multiple markets including underserved populations and the often-ignored mid-market. Marketing to the individual market is not off the table, but Hubler said it’s not a part of the company’s next market segment, adding, “ …but we do believe this is right for every American.”

Hubler’s focus on scale will hopefully bring more opportunities for work in the Twin Cities. As of this writing, the company has more than 50 open positions (most of which are tech related).

By giving users the ability to compare and contrast different treatment options and providers, the Bind health plan aims to puts control into the hands of an employee while saving employers money at the same time.

“The savings realized gives employers a chance to reallocate and redesign their benefits to bring heart back to the offerings,” Hubler said.

When choosing a plan, costs are shown up-front and coverage is flexible with options that show how the coverage adjusts depending on user choices. One new enhancement coming to the plan is “condition specific” treatments and offerings; instead of narrowing choice by hospitals, medical professionals, and medications, the plan will funnel down by conditions.

“It’s not ok to continue to treat people like they are stupid or like having choices in their health care is hard,” Hubler said.

Valerie Lockhart
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