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Spotlighting the OnRamp Insurance Accelerator 2020 Cohort

Since the OnRamp Insurance Accelerator kicked off on April 30, its 2020 cohort has been in the thick of the experience. Along with Allianz Life and Securing Financial, the program is bringing together five insurtech startups for a three-month virtual experience (the accelerator moved to Minneapolis-St. Paul in 2019). Each member of the cohort will receive a $100,000 investment, individualized coaching, mentorship, a month’s worth of investor meetings, and a premier night in July to cap things off.

“We’re thrilled to welcome this incredibly diverse group of startups to the program as they tackle problems ranging from the security of biometric data to navigating end-of-life planning,” Elizabeth Caven, Managing Director of the OnRamp Insurance Accelerator, said in a release.

Here’s the 2020 cohort (with detailed description from the accelerator):

CEO: Jo Schneier’s digital platform & API integrations make it easy for brokers, financial advisors, and agents to select & enroll older adults in the right-fit Medicare insurance products, health cost savings tools & public benefits. We use the data insights gathered from health and finance information to guide analysis and product development for the health & insurance industry. Powered by partnerships with the National Council on Aging, Medicare Blue Button 2.0, and 350M data points, we aim


President: Andrew Gowasack

Trust Stamp creates technology that empowers organizations to protect themselves and their users through secure identity authentication built on individual privacy. With over 15B personal records exposed in 2019, the ever increasing rate of digital identity theft destroys the trust required for financial and societal stability and inclusion. Trust Stamp solves this issue through practical implementation of advanced technologies including biometric processing and cryptography at scale. Their technology irreversibly anonymizes personally identifiable information to create a tokenized identifier that enables accurate authentication without the need to use, and therefore inherently risk the loss of any identifying data. This allows enterprises to adopt biometrics and other anti-fraud initiatives while protecting personal information from hacks and leaks in compliance with regulatory mandates. Trust Stamp technology serves some of the largest financial institutions in the world, including Synchrony Financial and Mastercard. As of Q1 2020, Trust Stamp has 42 team members, 12 patent filings, and proven revenue of 2.1mm (2019)


CEO: Jennifer Good

Peacefully is a benefit that employers and insurance companies offer to help families prepare for end-of-life and handle bureaucratic tasks after a death (e.g., notifying social security, canceling utilities, dealing with online accounts). Peacefully improves mental wellbeing, productivity, and beneficiary satisfaction. Peacefully has served more than 8,000 families since December 2019 and has established partnerships with healthcare and insurance companies covering 10M individuals.


CEO: Aly Dhalla

Finaeo helps the life insurance industry simplify distribution by automating the front/back-office of today’s complex supply chain. Finaeo builds technology to help life insurance advisors take clients from prospect-to-policy through a multi-carrier marketplace and a set of advisor tools. These tools include a digital toolkit with client onboarding, quoting, submission, among other things. To power the experience, Finaeo also helps carriers go digital through their “iForms” platform; a customizable application builder paired with digital storefronts to help market products to advisors. Launched in 2016 in Canada, Finaeo is now the top Insurtech in the country, partnered with the largest independent distributor, Hub Financial, 17 insurer partnerships and helps distribute over 160 products to 200+ advisors. Finaeo is licensed in 46 states and will be launching in the US late-20/early-21.


CEO: Sindhu Joseph

CogniCor provides an AI-based digital assistant platform that enables wealth firms, insurance carriers, and financial firms to reduce calls while enhancing service. As the financial industry is going through a tremendous growth period and the demands on a firm’s service capacity are exponentially increasing, CogniCor’s CIRA platform addresses this crucial component of the service experience. CIRA allows firms to create a digital twin (digital assistant) of their best sales/service agent, giving control and scalability to the client experience by providing consistent answers to customer queries, fulfilling routine tasks and providing recommendations as well as suggesting up-sell opportunities. Since their US launch in 2018, CogniCor has emerged as a top wealthtech digital assistant platform, being chosen by the largest Independent broker dealer, LPL Financial, serving over 15,000+ advisors and 700+ support reps and the largest custodian. Customers also include BNY Mellon Pershing, closely followed by two other category leaders in wealth and retail banking.

Alex Skjong
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