Atif Siddiqi

The votes have been counted —  Branch has officially won the 2020 Webby Award for Financial Services/Banking App. The Minneapolis fintech bested a lineup of massive financial institutions such as Bank of America to take home its first Webby, a feat Branch CEOand founder Atif Siddiqi and his team are proud of.

“We were up against some big names, so just to receive a nomination was really exciting,” he said. From our users to the employers we work with as well as and other Minneapolis start-up organizations who helped us spread the word, we’re so grateful to have such a supportive community.”

Founded in 2015, Branch positions itself as challenger bank offering a, “mobile digital wallet for working Americans.” Late last year, the company added a debit card and fee-free digital checking for its users in addition to other services such as pay advances.

“It’s great to see that the Webbys have recognized the need for better financial services and validated the work of smaller companies like ours,” Siddiqi said. “We’re even more committed to creating better, transparent products to help hourly workers and others living paycheck to paycheck.”