Jamf has officially made an impressive market entrance. After formally announcing the launch of the company’s IPO earlier this month (with whispers circling much earlier than that), the Apple-management software giant burst onto the trading scene today at $46 a share (the IPO was priced at $26 on Tuesday, higher than the initial $21-$23 estimate).

It didn’t stop there.

Shares of the Minneapolis company quickly shot up to $51 — giving the company a market cap of $5.9 billion — before settling down a bit (the market is still open at the time of publication). Currently, Jamf stock is hovering at around $40 a share, representing a significant splash for the company’s public debut.

In 2017, Vista Equity Partners acquired a majority of Jamf for $733.8 million. Thanks to the impressive market performance today, that stake is now worth more than $4.5 billion.

Not a bad investment.

Update: Prices of the opening trade and IPO range have been updated.