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BETA Announces Lineup for Fall 2020 Virtual Cohort

Continuing to adapt to the “new normal” we’re all so desperately trying to get used to, BETA has announced the lineup for the Fall 2020 Cohort — the second all-virtual BETA Cohort (running from September 9 through February 5, 2021). The latest group of startups participating in the accelerator’s program will also be the first virtual Cohort to showcase during Twin Cities Startup Week.

The Fall 2020 BETA Cohort features a lineup of Minnesota-based companies ranging from grocery delivery to sports robots (which, if you’re wondering, is a very fun thing to type). The startups are the latest to join the ranks of the program which, as of late last year, has more than 160 alumni and has raised more than $358 million.

Check out the full BETA Cohort below (the descriptions, provided by BETA, have been lightly edited) and be sure to scope the full schedule of TCSW 2020.


“Understanding academic research is tough. Not everyone is a PhD. With little to no resources to unpack the critical information often hidden in complex research studies, everyday learners are left at a disadvantage. With Bibliate, research is simplified. Through a mix of automated solutions and subject matter experts, Bibliate’s online platform compresses research into relatable and easily consumable summaries accessible to everyone.”

Blackboard Inc.

“Corqueboard is an interconnected network of digital surfaces meant to allow small businesses and community members to interact and engage with each other.”


“Enlight is a SaaS platform that motivates students to share what makes them unique and empowers educators by surfacing actionable data. Through self-created student profiles and class polls, teachers can quickly build meaningful engagement and create inclusive learning environments online and in the classroom.”

Forever Ware

“Forever Ware is on a mission to accelerate the world’s transition to reusable food packaging. We offer a service to restaurants and grocery stores that replace single-use packaging with a smart fleet of zero-waste alternatives made of stainless steel that customers can checkout using our proprietary software and later return to any participating vendor or drop-site throughout the community.”

Hear It UP

“Hear it Up provides more convenient and affordable hearing care by offering custom-fit hearing aids programmed by an audiologist through a process that is completed online or at a kiosk at a local healthcare clinic or pharmacy.”


“JockLab is a sports-science company that enhances sports performance and training with the aid of purpose-driven robots. JockLab creates game-like training devices to make training more engaging and maximize athletic potential. Our basketball robot D-Up can simulate a game of 1-vs-1 basketball by playing defense.”

Neiibor Crate

“We are a grocery delivery service that is direct from farmer or food maker to consumers. We cut out all the middlemen involved in the food supply chain allowing us to beat our competitors on price. We provide, transportation, storage and direct to customer delivery. Our model allows for our food makers to earn at higher than retail prices for all their products.”

Ovation Group

Culture Booster is a web-based employee engagement platform. We are a one-stop hub for familiar tools like: real-time employee feedback surveys, goal formation and balanced scorecards. We exist to improve the worklives of people in high-stress industries.


“ProsperStack is the drop-in cancellation flow that prevents churn, automatically. Use targeted offers to save customers and capture feedback to make informed product, pricing and remarketing decisions.”


“Recreogo simplifies and standardizes the booking process for consumers looking for outdoor recreational rental equipment from outfitters. There are three components: a marketplace connecting consumers with available recreational rental equipment simplifying the way we search, compare and book online; the ability to capture and convert web traffic into paid reservations; a tool for outfitters to manage their reservations and grow their business.”

See A Star, LLC

“See A Star App Is a next generation sports marketing platform. Live Video Chat one to one or one to many.”

Sparrow Marketing

“Sparrow consolidates social media insights through their software to ensure client performance at scale for marketing agencies and freelancers. Sparrow saves time for marketers by helping track progress towards goals for clients, act on personalized recommendations, and simplify white-labeled reports.”


“WellRoo is an early stage startup dedicated to making parenting easier. Our flagship offering is an engaging and self-guided web program that is designed to teach parents of children with ADHD the basics of behavior modification skills.”

Your Next Place

“Our focus is on empowering and educating the renter, while simultaneously providing the tools and knowledge to assist landlords in making informed decisions about their properties. We offer an all-inclusive rental finding experience that takes the inconvenience and unknown out of finding the renter’s next place to call home. We also set the stage in preparing and educating a renter to take their next step into home ownership. Housing is the core for all other facets of success in life and we are here to help.”

Alex Skjong
Alex oversees the content produced for BETA, Twin Cities Startup Week, and When he’s not writing or editing, there’s a good chance he’s enjoying a refreshing brew and explaining the merits of heavy metal (of which there are many).