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Minnesota Entrepreneurship Education: The Ultimate Guide

If you’ve got a brilliant business idea but need the acumen to help bring it to life, this Ultimate Guide to Minnesota Entrepreneurship Education is for you.

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We’ve paired with Launch Minnesota to compile this Ultimate Guide to Minnesota Entrepreneurship Education, and we’re confident that it’s a great starting point for any Minnesotan looking to truly hone their entrepreneurial craft.

We’ve included a lightly edited description for each program entry, but never fear — just click on the program title to go straight to its full informational page. And, just like our Ultimate Guide to Minnesota Startup Accelerators, we’ll be updating this to Ultimate Guide to Minnesota Entrepreneurship Education regularly to make sure every student has the right info.

Thanks to Launch Minnesota, our wonderful sponsors, and all of the bright minds that make the Minnesota tech and startup community what it is. Here’s to learning.

— The Team

Launch Minnesota

Launch Minnesota is a statewide collaborative effort to accelerate the growth of startups and amplify Minnesota as a national leader in innovation.

Created with bipartisan support during the 2019 legislative session, Launch Minnesota – spearheaded by the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) – works with an advisory board, private sector stakeholders, support organizations, higher education, and innovative startups statewide.

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Last updated: August 28, 2020


Bemidji State University

Location: Bemidji

Phone Number: 218-755-2001

Program Requirements: Required Credits: 76, Required GPA: 2.25

Tuition Cost: Estimated: $9,2459


B.B.A, 4 years

The Entrepreneurship program includes advanced courses in new business ventures, small business case analysis and new venture capital to help you develop your strategy and skills.

Central Lakes College

Location: Brainerd

Phone Number: 218-855-8000

Program Requirements: High School Transcripts/GED

Tuition Cost: Base Tuition/Fees: $5757, Books/Supplies: $1000, Room/Board: $5670, Transportation: $4400, Personal/Misc: $2173, Total: $19,000


Associate of Science, 1 year

Students experience all aspects of planning a new venture, from determining their personal vision to conducting market analysis to testing financial feasibility…

Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College

Location: Cloquet

Phone Number: 218-879-0800

Program Requirements: High school transcripts or your GED

Tuition Cost: Approximately $5,460 per year for a full-time student

Small Business/Entrepreneurship

Certificate, 1 year

The Small Business/Entrepreneurship Certificate program provides an excellent overview of business principles to students who are interested in starting a small business.

Metropolitan State University

Location: Minneapolis

Phone Number: 651-793-1302

Program Requirements: In order to declare a Computer Application Development (CApp) major, students should reference the program eligibility requirements noted in this catalog on the previous page and also noted on a student’s Degree Audit Report (DARs)

Tuition Cost: Varies by specialty, semester, online/in-person, etc. Learn more.

Entrepreneurial Studies

B.S., 4 years

Students work in professional collaboration with clients on real-world projects—locally, nationally, and globally—with the goal of creating outcomes that are implemented.

North Central University

Location: Minneapolis

Phone Number: 800-289-6222

Program Requirements: High school transcript, 2.2 GPA, ACT (18 or above), SAT (850)

Tuition Cost: One Semester (12-18 credits per semester): $17,230      

Entrepreneurial Studies

B.S., 4 years

North Central’s entrepreneurship degree is an innovative, action-based learning experience where students pursue their dreams and take their education outside of the classroom…

North Hennepin Community College

Location: Brooklyn Park

Phone Number: 763-488-0391

Program Requirements: Submit official high school transcript or GED, Submit test scores, such as ACT, SAT, or ACCUPLACER test scores

Tuition Cost: Learn more about the total fees.

Entrepreneurship Certificate

Diploma, 1 year

This certificate is for students exploring management and/or owning their own business. Students will learn the basics of building a strong business. This certificate qualifies for the Workforce Investment Act.

Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota


B.A., Major and Minor, 1 year

The entrepreneurship major at Saint Mary’s combines the study of small business management with an in-depth analysis of ways new business ventures are created and developed.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Graduate Certificate, 12 credits

This certificate in innovation and entrepreneurship offers a tangible and evidence-based approach to identify needs… move from an idea to execution, and create a structure growth.

Kabara Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies

A co-curricular org. that supports students with programming, events, and connections that complement the ed. component of their learning and sets them on a path to success as an entrepreneur.

Saint Paul College

Location: St. Paul

Phone Number: 651-846-1600

Program Requirements: Reading: Score of 250+ or grade of “C” or better in READ 0722 Writing: Score of 250+ on Reading Comprehension or grade of “C” or better in ENGL 0922 Quant. Reasoning, Algebra & Stats: Score of 270+ or Adv. Algebra & Functions: Score of 250+ or grade of “C” or better in MATH 0920 Assessment Results and Prerequisites

Tuition Cost: Learn more about the breakdown of fees.


Diploma, 1 year

This program focuses on the essentials of entrepreneurship and small business management, and provides students with a basic understanding of how to start and market an entrepreneurship/small business…operation.

St. Cloud State University

Location: St. Cloud

Phone Number: (320) 308-0121

Program Requirements: Secondary school grade reports, international university transcripts (if applicable), U. S. transcripts (if applicable), proof of English proficiency, provide financial documentation

Tuition Cost: Total – $9,568   


Diploma, 1 year

Learn how to become an effective and successful entrepreneur in a diverse, global economy that needs small business leaders willing to develop new ideas and new industries.

University of Minnesota, Duluth

Phone Number: 218-726-7106

Program Requirements: Learn more.

Cultural Entrepreneurship

B.A., 4 years

Cultural entrepreneurship is an emerging discipline that examines how cultural products and cultural activities have an impact on the growth of local, national, and global economies.


B.B.A., 4 years

The Entrepreneurship major helps students develop core capabilities of idea generation, opportunity recognition, resource acquisition, and entrepreneurial management…

University of Minnesota – Gary S. Holmes Center for Entrepreneurship

The Holmes Center for Entrepreneurship offers a wide range of academic and experiential courses on innovation and entrepreneurship, in addition to outreach programs such as MN Cup, Grow North, MN Venture Builders and WE*.

University of St. Thomas

Location: St. Paul

Phone Number: 651-962-5000

Program Requirements: Complete the University of St. Thomas Core Curriculum requirements and Computer Engineering major requirements and allied requirements

Tuition Cost: Learn more about the breakdown of fees.


Associate of Science, 2 years

Gain the knowledge and skills to start your own business, purchase and expand an existing business, go into a family business or work for a large company. Learn how to develop a business plan…

Vermilion Community College


Diploma, 1 year

The Entrepreneurship certificate is a short program designed at honing your skills to either own/operate your own business or work for a smaller scale business in a management based position.

Winona State University

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Minor, 1 year

Provides an overview of the process of entrepreneurship focusing on new venture development. The three core areas are business idea identification, opportunity evaluation and opportunity exploitation.
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