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College of Science and Engineering Secures $1.2 Million Grant For Electric Scooter Research

What to know about the University of Minnesota – College of Science and Engineering’s (CSE) $1.2 million National Science Foundation (NSF) grant:

  • A team of CSE researchers will use the grant to develop a “smart tracking system for electric scooters”
  • The project will be led by Professor Rajesh Rajamani (mechanical engineering) with Assistant Professor Ju Sun (computer science) and Nichole Morris, director of CSE’s Human Factors Interdisciplinary Research in Safety and Transportation (HumanFIRST) lab, serving as co-project investigators
  • The project involves low-cost sensors to monitor and warn of potential collisions and provide real-time feedback to keep a rider aware of safety regulations

The Quote: Professor Rajesh Rajamani

“The research conducted in this project will lead to development of a platform technology that has applications beyond the scooter to other transportation systems including bicycles, motorcycles, low-cost vehicles in developing countries and also to other autonomous platforms such as indoor robots.”

Read more details about the grant and project here.

Alex Skjong
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