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Minnesota Coworking Spaces: The Ultimate Guide

Whether you’re working for a remote-first company, blazing your own trail with a new startup venture, or just need a place away from home to work for an afternoon, coworking spaces offer the room and amenities to get the job done.

Instead of crowding into a local coffee shop (although kudos to local roasters for brewing amazing cups of joe), coworking spaces in Minnesota offer comfortable working environments for those looking to get a big of heads-down, uninterrupted work complete. And, with many locations offering a variety of flexible membership and drop-in plans, they’ve never been more flexible or accessible.

There’s just one problem — there are a lot of Minnesota coworking spaces out there. That’s why we’ve created…

The Ultimate Guide to Minnesota Coworking Spaces.

Our guide gives information on dozens of Minnesota coworking spaces without having to visit website after website in search of the tidbit you need. No matter where you need a place to work in Minnesota, this guide will help you find the location that’s a perfect fit.

By downloading the Ultimate Guide to Minnesota Coworking Spaces, you’ll get instant access to tons of information:

Location and Contacts:

Pinpoint exactly where you’ll be spending time shaping your business into the Next Big Thing and, if you need to get in touch with a representative from the coworking space, our guide has the phone number you’ll need.

Membership Plans and Price Ranges:

From drop-in prices to year-long membership fees, our Ultimate Guide to Minnesota Coworking Spaces shows you what you’ll need to pay to get your work done and to take advantage of the amenities the spaces offer. Speaking of…


From free parking to full kitchens to showers to fitness equipment to coffee (so much coffee), our guide gives you a quick view of the perks you’ll be able to take advantage of in every coworking space included.

Quick Looks:

With images of every coworking space, you can get a quick sense of the environs of each location to see if they match with your personal vibe. Exposed brick? Check. Brightly colored furniture? Check. Basic office settings? Check. Whatever environment you feel most comfortable in, there’s a coworking space for you.

It’s all there. A quick email registration is the only thing that’s between you and this comprehensive guide to Minnesota coworking spaces.

So, download the PDF today and start your search for the spot that could be your new HQ.

The Ultimate Guide to Minnesota Coworking Spaces will be updated every six months. If you’re a space that would like to be included in the next edition, please contact us. urges everyone to respect any local COVID-19 guidelines and recommends practicing social distancing and masking protocols as outlined by the Minnesota Department of Health.
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