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BETA to Host Virtual ‘BETA Explore’ Event on Angel Investment

What to know about the BETA Explore angel investment event:

startup fundingReed Robinson recently published a guest series exploring pre-seed investment in Minnesota entitled “Mind The Gap.” Be sure to read up on the series before the BETA Explore event. Here’s a short excerpt from Part 1 of the series:

“According to Greater MSP’s Regional Indicators Dashboard, the area ranks 11 out of 12 in annual amount of venture capital when compared to similar metros. If you’re still not convinced, go ask an early-stage first-time founder. The pain is real.

Having personally experienced this funding gap as a founder, witnessed it and its impact on 150+ startups during my time with BETA, and now having further researched the issue with others who are familiar the matter, I think the crux of the issue comes down to two things:

  • The area doesn’t have many formal investment groups investing at the Pre-Seed Stage
  • There aren’t enough angels to fill the gap

The absence of high-volume, early-stage investors and a lack of a robust, active angel community throttles the growth of existing startups — that’s bad — and recent research from the Kauffman Foundation suggests it may halt other potential entrepreneurs from ever starting.

That’s worse.”

Continue reading Part 1.

Alex Skjong
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