What to know about the latest raise by Preceptis Medical:

  • Preceptis Medical, the Maple Grove medtech outfit and maker of the Hummingbird® Tympanostomy Tube System (aka the Hummingbird) has raised $3.8 million according to a Form D filing
  • Funding came from a group of 20 investors although none have been specifically named
  • The raise comes after the recent FDA approval of the Hummingbird in June 2020
  • Preceptis Medical won the 2013 Minnesota Cup, raised $1.2 million from Gopher Angels in 2014, raised $3 million in 2016, and more than $3.6 million in a Series B throughout 2020

The Quote: Joe Delgado, CFO of Preceptis Medical (sourced from the Hummingbird FDA approval release)

“This is personal for me. My daughter Vivian needed two sets of ear tubes. The first set was done the traditional way with an operating room and general anesthesia. The second set was done with the Hummingbird and was vastly less stressful. My wife and I experienced firsthand the positive impact of the Hummingbird on our daughter and the parent experience, and the Hummingbird has the potential to save thousands of dollars per procedure as well.”