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The Pocast: Falling into Tech with Shonnah Hughes

On this week’s episode, we welcome Shonnah Hughes, Global Product Growth and Innovation Evangelist at Getfeedback by SurveyMonkey, SalesForce MVP, Cofounder of Pepup Tech, Founder of Teen Tech Titans, and Board Member of BETA.

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Hype Time

Every episode we ask our guest to name drop someone doing cool things in the tech community. Shonnah gives a shout out to Mike Jackson, Founder of Black Tech Talent (Hear his story here). on Twitter
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About Shonnah Hughes

If we’re being honest — and we always are — Twitter bios can be full of nonsense. Guru this, ninja that… social media can be a little heavy on the fluff. But sometimes, a Twitter bio is so perfectly crafted it’s hard not to appreciate just how much it nails the person it represents.

“SaaSy mother of 3, SFDC fanatic, proud WOCIT! all thoughts are my own (thank goodness).”

Shonnah Hughes is a Salesforce pro, a champion of diversity, a passionate mentor to high school girls interested in tech, and, as the “SaaS” — that’s s-a-a-s — in her bio shows — doesn’t shy away from a solid pun.

She also happens to be newest BETA board member.

About The Podcast

This is a podcast for tech and entrepreneurship in Minnesota. Kevin McArdle, owner of SureSwift Capital, and Jac Stark, Community Manager for set out to tell the stories of the individuals that make up the Minnesota tech and startup capital of the North. Join us every Tuesday as we interview people from across the ecosystem about their journeys.

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