On this week’s episode, we welcome Mary Kay Ziniewicz, Founder of Bus Stop Mamas.

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Hype Time

Every episode we ask our guest to name drop someone doing cool things in the tech community. Mary Kay gives a shout out to Lisa Schlosser of Technovation [MN] (Listen to her episode here!). 

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About Bus Stop Mamas

Mary Kay Ziniewicz is the founder of a new tech platform that instantly introduces businesses with moms and dads called Bus Stop Mamas. The company empowers parents to find opportunities that work for their family schedules. A pro in branding and business development and a champion for the 9-3 movement , Mary Kay is working to bring this platform to the national landscape.

About The tech.mn Podcast

This is a podcast for tech and entrepreneurship in Minnesota. Kevin McArdle, owner of SureSwift Capital, and Jac Stark, Community Manager for tech.mn set out to tell the stories of the individuals that make up the Minnesota tech and startup capital of the North. Join us every Tuesday as we interview people from across the ecosystem about their journeys.