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Twenty Minutes: March 26, 2021

One school’s first online degrees in more than a century, testing the waters for live startup and tech events in Minnesota, a potential new IPO, and more. This is the news in Minnesota tech and startup for the week of Friday, March 26.

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Featured Interviews:

Scott Stallman, Provost of Dunwoody College of Technology

Dunwoody to Offer Two Online Degree Programs

Meg Steuer, Director of Platform of Forge North

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This week’s episode of Constant Variables:

“With design in its name plus 50 years of industry experience, Design Center knows more than a thing or two about best practices for building a digital product. Design Center’s Director of Strategy Chris Cornejo joins the show to chat about how design thinking has shifted from “how it looks” to “how it works”, the advantages of an outcome mindset over a solutions mindset, how COVID has impacted strategy and design processes, and how to prepare for a project’s initial strategy session.”

Alex Skjong
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