On this week’s episode we welcome Connie Rutledge, CEO of FINNOVATION Lab.

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Every episode we ask our guest to name drop someone doing cool things in the tech community. Connie gives a shout out to Judd Grutman of Vonzella and the Minnesota University Startup Program Ecosystem. Check out tech.mn’s Ultimate Guide to Minnesota Entrepreneurship Eduction.


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FINNOVATION Lab believes in a future where idealists partner with pragmatists, visionaries collaborate with tech gurus, and capitalists join forces with changemakers to work toward equitable opportunity for all.  As one of Minnesota’s longest-running social enterprises, FINNEGANS Brew Co. launched the FINN Lab accelerator in 2017 to empower and support professionals and entrepreneurs who use business to address environmental, economic, and social issues.

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This is a podcast for tech and entrepreneurship in Minnesota. Kevin McArdle, owner of SureSwift Capital, and Jac Stark, Community Manager for tech.mn set out to tell the stories of the individuals that make up the Minnesota tech and startup capital of the North. Join us every Tuesday as we interview people from across the ecosystem about their journeys.